Sid – Above The Arts Theatre

Sid – Above The Arts Theatre until 8th October

Theatre and it’s purpose are very much objective. Whether you view theatre as a form of pure entertainment or an effective tool for education or maybe even somewhere in the vast space between the two, theatre should always be appreciated. You may be a theatregoer who is drawn to spectacular musicals or you may only be drawn to intellectual, thought-provoking theatre. Whatever your stance is, appreciation of all theatre is vital.

The Punk movement, whether you celebrate it or not, has had a huge impact on society as we know it today. The Punk movement was so much more than music and fashion, it was a political and social movement, not to be ignored. This is exactly what great theatre achieves, it demands attention and respect. Sid most certainly comes under this banner.

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Following a hugely successful tour, Sid has finally been given the West End transfer it most certainly deserves. Currently playing at The Arts Theatre London, this one-man play written by Leon Fleming and directed by Scott Le Crass, stars stage and screen actor, Dario Coates.

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Sid is a story of hero-worship and one mans solace in music and a movement he feels deeply connected to. Craig, played by Coates, is a young man trying hard to figure out exactly what his role in the world is, where he fits in and indeed what his identity is and means. Coates has taken Flemings razor-sharp dialogue and direction from Le Crass and created a truly memorable and mesmerising character. At some stage, we must have all felt a sense of isolation, been through a stage of self-discovery or immersed ourselves in the life of one of our idols as a form of security and sense of belonging. This is exactly what makes this superb production so much more than it’s title and Punk image. Empathy and life experience enable the audience to truly connect to Craig and not only listen to him but perhaps see a little of themselves in him as well. Coates performs with every inch of his body, head to toe and gives the audience as much as he possibly can, in this selfless and generous performance. Coates has an unrelenting inner and outer energy in his performance, so even when he is stationary, he still exudes energy and a raw rage.

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Photo Credit Roy Tan

Sid has a strong balance of comedy and tragedy, each element highlighting the other perfectly. Some of the issues raised in this powerful piece of theatre need the comic relief, supplied beautifully by Flemings powerful writing and Coates powerful performance.

You don’t need to have an interest in Punk or even any knowledge of Punk to enjoy this hard-hitting and frankly fantastic play. Sid has all the right elements, superb writing from Fleming, slick direction from Le Crass and of course it is perfectly performed by Coates.

Sid is playing until 8th October at The Arts Theatre, London. Book your ticket now for a truly memorable theatrical experience.

Sid – Above The Arts Theatre until 8th October


Guest Review by Haydn James


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