News: Twelfth Night: A Gender Experiment – The Rose Playhouse

Twelfth Night: A Gender Experiment – The Rose Playhouse

Where: The Rose Playhouse, 56 Park Street, London, SE1 9AR

Booking: 0207 2619 565

When: October 6th-30th 2015

Run time: 90 minutes

This October “Twelfth Night: A Gender Experiment” is coming to the Rose Playhouse. Four versions of the show will play in rep – all female, all male, cast play their own gender and cast play the opposite gender. Join us for one of the productions or see them all!

This theatrical experiment will be a fast paced exploration of gender, sexuality and casting in classical theatre production. We will offer audiences the chance to directly compare different casting choices as well as enjoy watching a company of actors take on a unique challenge.

Natasha Rickman

Christopher Logan, Maia Alexander, Shuna Snow, Fred Gray, Bethan Cullinane, Henry Gilbert, Clare Humphrey, Peter Pearson, Thomas Richardson, Julia Goulding, Elizabeth Andrewartha and Thomas Flynn.

Voice and Text:
Daron Oram

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