Review Public Domain

Public Domain

Vaudeville Theatre until 30th May


Public Domain is relevant, real, thought-provoking and needed. Written and performed by Francesca Forristal  and Jordan Paul Clarke this new musical discusses the hype and impact of Social Media. Whether intentional or not, to some degree we are all living our lives in the Public Domain.

Now, most of my regular readers will know I work in the social media entertainment industry and this review is posted on there, the irony of this fact isn’t lost on me and that’s why this piece really resonated with me. The daily pressures to create relevant content, the stresses of the need for followers, subscribers, likes and comments can all weigh heavy on someone, and the fact that they are discussed here is both highly relevant and needed.

Yes the premise of keeping in touch with people, of sites such as Facebook is great, but that’s all too easy to forget, in a world where people “assess your worth” by how many likes, subscribers or perceivably of how popular you are. I saw a recent post on a social networking site saying “if you don’t get many likes on posts stop posting – no one cares enough about you or opinion” Surely you do it for you, and everyone is relevant.

Vaudeville Theatre, London. Adam Lenson Productions presents the live world premiere of PUBLIC DOMAIN, a verbatim musical written and performed by Francesca Forristal and Jordan Paul Clarke, as part of Nica Burns’ Rising Stars Festival. Directed by Adam Lenson, with technical direction by Christian Czornyj, lighting design by Matt Daw, video design by Matt Powell, and costume and set design by Libby Todd. Photograph © Jane Hobson.

However the reason we live our life in the “Public Domain” is the ultimate need for human contact and validation, particularly during Lockdown the success of newer sites such as Tik Tok has really illustrated this.

This cleverly written musical throws up questions and makes you think. The announcement at the beginning said “you may want to delete your social media accounts after watching” it, for me, it made me think. I need to get back to remembering why I post, what am I wanting people to hear. I think every site has its specific content and use, and everyone has a voice, the main thing is, it’s like anything that can be addictive, when the fun stops – stop! You are never alone, there is always someone to listen, cherish the people who get you and want to share your life in the “Public Domain” because of what you are really about, not who you portray yourself to be.

The musical numbers tell the story and pulls you fully into the creators world. Both the Lighting Design by Matt Daw and Sam Waddington and Video Design by Matt Powell powerfully increases the impact.

Directed and produced by Adam Lenson for ALP Musicals this highly relevant new musical needs to be seen. This writing duo, who are part of Nica Burn‘s Rising Stars Festival are one’s to watch! Catch them while you can.

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