Review: Thriller Live 4000th Charity Gala Performance

Thriller Live 4000th Charity Gala Performance


Review by Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Sometimes you know that a particular show or indeed performance will not only be special, but also remain with you for a long time to come. The Thriller 4000th Charity Gala Performance in the aid of The Princes Trust was one of those performances.

An evening with the body of the show untouched, a couple of Princes Trust‘s Ambassadors, a return of an original cast member and a very special guest appearance by self-confessed Michael Jackson fan Peter Andre was sure to be a memorable experience. You can read my previous Thriller Live review here

Photos by Betty Zapata

Vocalist Kieran Alleyne joined the cast at aged 13 as the young Michael Jackson. At times talent does not always transcend into adulthood but this can’t be said for Kieran his talent shines even brighter now and rightly so he received thunderous acknowledgement of this fact at the bows. Vivienne Ekwulugo dazzled as she always does (I can comfortably say this as I’ve seen her perform on a number of occasions). While David Julien and Haydon Eshun continue to delight as lead vocalists. Xhanti Mbonzongwana as the young MJ wowed the audience especially when dancing to Billie Jean with Alleyne.

Photos by Betty Zapata

This special night really did belong to Peter Andre though, who clearly looked like all his dreams had come true by performing at this event. Andre’s charisma, dance and spot on vocals were proof of why he has such a huge fan base. He looked so at home singing iconic songs such as She’s Out Of My Life and received a mid-song standing ovation for Man in the Mirror – and rightly so.

In Summary

This production continues to be a must-see for any Michael Jackson fan, the choreography, visuals, band and performers are all top drawer. Whilst you won’t unfortunately have the bonus of seeing Mr Andre you can’t Beat It for an awesome evening of entertainment. All I can say is long may the moonwalking continue at the Lyric Theatre!

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