Review: Eugenius! The Other Palace

Eugenius! – The Other Palace until 21st October


Review by Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Eugenius! Written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins and produced by Kevin & George Wood and Warwick Davis, is an 80’s music styled production. It really is an extravaganza showcase for the completely non-sensical musical. It’s cheesy, baffling and a visual delight all in one – and I love it!

This is the second run of Eugenius! and just when I thought it could be any better or bigger the creatives have dared to make it so! It’s matured and grown into something gloriously over the top and embraces the fun element, that the fans have come to expect.

Photo Credit Scott Rylander


EUGENIUS! tells the story of Eugene, a teenage boy whose nightly dreams of a distant world of heroes and villains may just be the ticket to him creating his very own comic book movie in Hollywood. Joined by his best friends ‘Janey’ and ‘Feris’, our comic writing genius must discover the true meaning of growing up, finding the superhero within, saving the world from both earthbound villains and possibly those from distant galaxies, and along the way, falling in love.


Everyone secretly wants someone who’s not an obvious hero to win the day – right? Eddie The Eagle syndrome or Forest Gump, we want these people to succeed. For, let’s face it there’s a little geek in all of us and the opening scene immediately engages its audience in this concept.

Photo Credit Scott Rylander

Our unlikely hero is Eugene (Rob Houchen) his recognisable geek, in us all, endeared himself to the audience immediately. He is joined by Janey (Laura Baldwin) and Feris (Daniel Buckley) his trusty allies, who believe in him. Baldwin delivers faultless vocals and her characterisation is charming. While Buckley once again provides us with precision wit and is so much fun to watch. A scene stealing performance arrives in the form of Scott Paige whose comic timing and facial expression really were a highlight for me. Of course we have the ‘baddie’ in the form of  Evil Lord Hector (Neil McDermott) and he is perfect in the role. Other notable mentions must go to Alex Bourne, Simon Thomas, Emily Tierney, Christopher Ragland and Tom Senior.

This is an ensemble piece which is so effervescent that it’s completely a waste of time to resist riding on the tide of joy. I took a moment to look around the audience and everyone was smiling, you can’t help it, it’s totally infectious.

Photo Credit Scott Rylander

In summary

The songs are infuriatingly catchy, they stay with you for days. Its cool cast are energetic and engaging and you can’t resist this productions charm. It’s already reached cult status and has a super fandom in its honour. Whats nice is the cast and creatives celebrate this fact and have even renamed Sunday shows to respect this.  Eugenius! has just extended to 21st October and trust me you’ll want to see it again and again, so to use a catchphrase from the show – Go Eugenius! Book now!



Saturday 1 September to Sunday 21st October, 2018

12 Palace Street
Box Office 020 7087 7900

Evening Performances 7.30pm
Matinee Performances 2.30pm
Sunday Performances 3.30pm

Superfan Sunday performances will include
Live host, giveaways and prizes, Q&As with the cast and creative team

Running time: 2 hours (including interval)

Ticket prices:
£19.50 to £54.50*

Twitter @eugeniusuk

Facebook and Instagram @eugeniusthemusical



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