Review: Somebody Call Me A Cabaret!

Somebody Call Me A Cabaret! Sunday 19th August

Review by Caroline Hanks-Farmer

This Sunday saw the inaugural Somebody Call Me A Cabaret! at the Phoenix Artist Club. Gemma Oaten was joined by Julie Atherton who is famed for musical theatre talents. Gemma you will possibly be more familiar with her television roles. However she is in no way a stranger to public speaking, being an Ambassador for her parents charity SEED, or indeed live performance,

Beginning with suggesting topics not open for discussion i.e politics, religion, tabloid media, you are left wondering what could they possibly talk about?  However who’d have thought that dating or specifically ‘Tinder’ could provide so much material. But after this 90 minutes of fun, I definitely feel these comically talented two could develop it further into Tinder the Musical maybe? A collection of songs some well-known and some less so with friendly banter to accompany them, the evening really was thoroughly enjoyable. 

Cleverly adapted lyrics and additional numbers from Julie’s Album (Rush Of Life), which as she said visit here and click buy, were immensely entertaining. However for me it was the witty link’s between the songs which really made me smile, some were even thought-provoking, highlighting social issues and the need to be kind.

This venue was a perfect setting providing an intimate feeling, where both Gemma and Julie could interact with the audience, something that they both really excel at.

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Gemma Oaten

My two absolute favourite numbers were Julie’s Portrait of a Disney Princess (In a Disney Way) and Gemma’s Tell Me On A Sunday. Both were memorable for their portrayal, of the comic characterisation and heartfelt delivery. Amongst other songs which I enjoyed were, What Do You Get When You Fall In Love and An Indiscriminate Act Of Kindness. Talking of kindness the link to the previous number mentioned, sung by Julie really resonated with me and other audience members I’m sure. So much so, Julie gave out details of the House of St Barnabas who do great work and are definitely worthy of support.

They were also joined by up and coming talent Henry Quilter who nailed perfect renditions of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire and Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright.

In Summary

This cabaret show not only had great performances by its leading ladies and supporting artists, but also it has the biggest heart. You left feeling thoroughly entertained and reminded that we can all do our bit in helping others. Great songs, talented performers and fun banter what’s not to appreciate here?

You have your opportunity to see Gemma and Julie at their next cabaret evening at Brasserie Zedel on 29th August – Book Here. Gemma will be doing a series of these events and she has mentioned in September she will be joined by Max Bowden. This event will be based on both male and female perspective’s on dating.

If Sunday is any indication you’d be crazy to miss out on what’s bound to be a thoroughly amusing and entertaining evening – Book Here.

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