Review: It Happened In Key West

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It Happened In Key West at Charing Cross Theatre until 22nd September


Review By Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Regular readers will know that my site is all about positivity, and whilst there are many positives with It Happened In Key West, ultimately I felt it a missed opportunity. Inspired by a true story, this new musical comedy left me with so many questions?


Eccentric scientist Carl (Wade McCollum) searched for his ideal women for decades. On finding her she is then lost to him almost immediately as she succumbs to tuberculosis. But the story doesn’t end there…….


An intriguing if bizarre story, and the fact that it was inspired by a true set of events made it even more so. However I found the overwhelming desire to question the details. To make the audience evaluate possible motives, explore the deep subject matter and such eccentrics’ is to be applauded. But I felt it over trivialised certain aspects and whilst I obviously don’t want an evening wallowing in grief, the fact that I didn’t seem to have time to appreciate the sense of loss made it, for me, unfulfilling as a piece.

©Darren Bell

That said the performances were exceedingly good. Wade McCollum as the eccentric scientist made you believe his performance as did Alyssa Martyn. Martyn’s pure clear voice is stunning throughout. The movement is precise and captivating in the most part, but a couple of clunky scene changes were a little distracting.

©Darren Bell

Other noteworthy mentions must go to Sophia Lewis, Johan Munir and Nuno Queimado. However all of the ensemble work as one and for a relatively small space it was an ambitiously large production. I enjoyed the musical numbers with their quirky lyrics and memorable tunes.

In Summary

Unfortunately this production, for me, seemed confused, in what it is trying to achieve. It has some deeply moving moments, which are snatched away all too quickly and replaced by witty lines, thereby losing its potency. Promises to be a good production but it needs to first find its identity and sense of purpose first.


Jeremiah James, Rashad V. Chambers,
Marylou Rothfuss and Art Lab LLC

It Happened in Key West
a new musical comedy

Charing Cross Theatre
The Arches
Villiers Street
Box office: 08444 930650

Wednesday 11 July – Saturday 22 September, 2018

Monday – Saturday at 7.30pm
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2.30pm

Ticket prices

Premiums £49.50
Stalls from £34.00
Balcony from £22.50
Slips £17.50

A booking fee applies to phone and internet orders; no booking fee to personal callers

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