Review: It’s Only Life at The Union Theatre

It’s Only Life – The Union Theatre until 7th July

Music and Lyrics John Bucchino


Review by Caroline Hanks-Farmer

It’s true what “they” say, you know, small is beautiful. This can definitely be said for the small but very beautiful It’s Only Life which can be seen at The Union Theatre until 7th July.

This life affirming musical makes you rediscover what’s important. It’ll make you equally smile and shed a tear, for the realisation that sometimes we can forget what’s important. Exploring relationships, friendships and feelings, this little show has a huge heart.

A cast of five Jennifer Harding, Jordan Shaw, Noel Sullivan, Sammy Graham and Will Carey sing an eclectic selection of numbers. With the aid of an extremely aesthetically pleasing, colourful set by Justin Williams and minimal props, the beauty of this musical is your ability to concentrate on both the lyrics and outstanding vocals. The musical direction and piano accompaniment of Nick Barstow is even enhanced by the captivating movement supplied by choreographer William Whelton.

My particular favourite numbers were:

That Smile – Company

What You Need – Jordan

A Powerful Man – Sammy

I’m Not Working – Company

On My Bedside Table – Will

I’ve Learned To Let Things Go – Jennifer

Taking The Wheel – Will and Company

Grateful – Noel and Company

As you can see from the titles of the songs above, they each made you think about your life – not something we often have time to do. And even if that particular number didn’t have anything you could personally relate to, invariably the next one might hit you like a sledgehammer.

It's Only Life

The simplistic beauty of this small but perfectly formed revue musical is further enhanced by its intimate setting. It’s cast are friendly, and greet you as you take to your seat, supplying you with a pen and paper – You have to go and see the show to know why! There are bean bags for the front row and whilst this might sound too hippy for you – trust me it’s not! This production is sweet, endearing and perfectly charming.

In summary

There are countless big budget shows in the West End, and of course theatre needs them. But it is off West End where you will often find the true little gems. Where producers like Katy Lipson of Aria Entertainment do what they do best – bring us something that they have discovered, loved and are passionate about.

Go see this production. After all, life – like this production, can be short. “It’s Only Life” and you only have a short time to be bowled over by it.




Box Office: 020 7261 9876

Wednesday 13th June –
Saturday 7th July 2018

Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm
Sat and Sun Mat 2.30pm

Tickets: £22

Twitter – @ItsOnlyLifeUK

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