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Teddy – The Vaults until 3rd June


Review by Caroline Hanks-Farmer

There’s nothing quite like a live rock ‘n’ roll band to get you in the mood for a spot of dancing and Raw PR organised a media event for Teddy which accomplished just that.

A dance class before the show with choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves gave us a taster of how much fun the dance halls would have been in the 1950’s.

The Teddy Story

Teddy and Josie are about to hit the streets of London for a good time. Hair quiffed. Red lipstick. Dressed toe to head in the latest threads. So what if it’s pouring down, they’re totally skint, and someone wants them dead? A little trouble never stopped a Ted from having a good time. Desperate times call for rock ‘n’ roll.


Photos Scott Rylander


We are treated to ten minutes of toe-tapping music from the band Johnny Valentine and the Broken Hearts’ (Andrew Gallow, Harrison White, Freya Parks and Dylan Wood). Then we are plunged into darkness and the scene is set. Teddy played by George Parker and Molly Chesworth as Josie threw themselves into the production. Huge energy and an ability to make the script leap out at you with no props is to be applauded. Underpinned by the band, the evening went at a rapid pace.

Both Parker and Chesworth give excellent performances, at times it feels like they are acting as if their life depends on it, such was the palpable intensity. The ability of Chesworth to portray the brute Tully by contortion was just completely captivating. There was light and dark here in abundance with the end leaving us breathless.

The Vault theatre space perfectly suited the gritty, grimy and pulsating setting of the piece. Due to this it should be mentioned that the language is of an adult nature and could cause offence. For this reason it does have an age rating of 12+ with a parental guidance note. For me however it added to the vibe and clearly stated its intention of being thought-provoking and challenging.

Innovative and inspired choreography is brilliantly executed. Of course it was made to look easy whilst being technically difficult but, then again, when the band are this good it’s hard to resist not dancing! It was a nice touch to have the band give a mini gig after the show. It’s a fun night out which is a little different to the norm, take a visit before it closes on the 3rd June.

Thursday 29 March – Sunday 3 June 2018

The Vaults Theatre
Launcelot Street

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