Team Review: Liza Pulman Sings Streisand

Liza Pulman Sings Streisand


Review By Charlotte Smith

I’ve always admired the small intimate venue that Crazy Coqs is. Having seen quite a few cabarets there, it made a perfect venue to house Liza sings Streisand.

From the off Liza made us aware she wasn’t feeling 100% having suffered from the terrible cold issues going round. However this did not detract from her incredible stage presence.. a big bundle of energy in a one shouldered white playsuit.

Being a massive Funny Girl fan it made me extremely happy to have the show start with “Don’t Rain On My Parade” in a slightly unique tone but still just as amazing. As the night went on we had a variety of songs from the incredible Streisand, as well as voices she has duetted or co-starred with.

It didn’t matter what song it was, Liza made it her own, whilst making it known it wasn’t a tribute, imitation or story of Streisand’s life.  This being the case, it was still nice to hear some back story regarding the songs, as I was unaware of some of it.

Working alongside a 6 piece band in such a small venue is incredibly tricky but they made it work and the orchestrations were remarkably well thought out. The comedian came out even more whilst singing talking about the musicians “having pants from George at ASDA, pants from M&S or simply having no pants at all”. Especially fun keeping this going throughout having little mimics and working off each other. This gave me and the audience a lot to chuckle at.

Liza Pulman

Opening Act 2 with once again a song from Funny Girl “My Man”, we heard this songs back story and although she wasn’t feeling 100%, you completely couldn’t tell. From song one I was brought into Streisand’s world.

The stage presence was incredible and she knew how to encapsulate her audience. Singing a song part way in French, which I take my hat off to because that can’t be easy… was amazing. As we drew towards the end of the show, she still had a smile and was getting all the rapturous applause she so rightly deserved. No need to discuss any faults or flaws because there simply were none – It was a seriously enjoyable evening!

After the last song everyone, one by one came to their feet to give her a rapturous applause. Once again you could see the emotion, but it was incredible and she deserved it immensely.

As everyone took to their seats for the final time, the show ended with one last Funny Girl song and of course it had to be “People” the most iconic song. It was sung with so much justice and power, I was completely blown away.

Watch out for future shows of Liza because she is spectacularly brilliant.


Plays at Crazy Coqs

26 – 27 March & 23 – 24 April