Press Release: Fear and Misery of The Third Reich

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Aequitas Theatre Company presents

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich

by Bertolt Brecht

translated by John Willett

Tuesday 16 January to Saturday 3 February 2018

Press Night | Thursday 18 January | 7.30pm


The world is under the threat of fascism and war is looming ever closer.

Liberalism and socialist ties are condemned by those in power. How did we get here?

Aequitas takes Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich and applies it to our modern global society, taking a look at the lives of average people and the reasons they comply with those in power.

Set in the near future, this piece imagines what the world might become if we continue to repeat our mistakes.

“Broke one moment, next day running the government. Rags to riches in a single day.” (Scene One: One Big Family)

“I don’t know what to think any longer Minna. He’s changed so…” (Scene Three: The Chalk Cross)

“Our task is very difficult, but it’s the greatest one there is – to free the human race from its oppressors.” (Scene Twenty-Four: Consulting the People)

Listings Information

Venue:​ Brockley Jack Studio Theatre 410 Brockley Road, London, SE4 2DH

Box office: ​ or 0333 666 3366 (£1.50 fee for phone bookings only)

Dates:​ Tuesday 16 January to Saturday 3 February 2018

Performances at 7.30pm

Tickets: ​£15, £12 concessions (suitable for 14+)

​Theatre website: ​

Venue Contact:​ Karl Swinyard / 07984 415572

Company website:​


Bertolt Brecht: Brecht was a pioneer and theatrical genius whose work not only commented on the politics of the 1930’s but also strove to foster change. His work is renowned worldwide and he is credited with the construction of a new method of performance. His influence spreads far and wide. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich was begun in 1937, with the first eight playlets performed in 1938, as Hitler rose to power in Germany.

The Company: Aequitas creates theatre that represents and comments on our ever-changing world. Past productions have mashed technology with theatre in work that looks at sociopolitical aspects of today. Aequitas is made up of several founding members: Rachael Bellis, Sophia Start, and Chuma Emembolu. The company is committed to equality and justice and is named after that principle in Greek philosophy. Aequitas works with artists of all backgrounds and is committed to casting diversely.

The Creative Team 

Playwright |Bertolt Brecht, translated by John Willett​

Composer | Clifford Hughes

Director | ​Rachael Bellis​

Design | Afke Laarakker​

Lighting Design | Chuma Emembolu​

Sound Design | Chuma Emembolu​

Producer | Aequitas Theatre Company​

The Cast | Clark Alexander; Faye Maughan; Latanya Santana Peterkin; William Ross-Fawcett; Rhiannon Sommers; Hugo Trebels

PRESS on previous productions:

“a great cast, engaging scenes and plot and is unafraid enough to highlight its subject matter head on… a highly enjoyable and moving production ★★★★” View from the Gods on What’s Your Issue​

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