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La Soirée – The Aldwych Theatre until 3rd February 2018


Review By Rosalind Freeborn

What brilliant fun this is! An evening in the company of the talented performers that make up La Soirée was a bit like being invited to a party where you didn’t really know the host, had no idea who anyone was, but you had the most wonderful time. La Soirée started life as an after-hours club at the Edinburgh Fringe, providing a platform for a mix of highly original artistes, entertainers, comedians and whacky acts to strut their stuff. Years of successful touring followed including regular stints in London and it’s a joy to have the company back in town.

A West End theatre like the Aldwych is a very sophisticated venue but La Soirée brings the spirit of the Fringe to the smart space, creating a theatre in the round in the stalls, huddled around a small circular podium and there are tables and chairs on the stage. Lucky viewers in this lofty area will find themselves THIS close (fingers and thumb) to the action, but be warned, there is audience participation and a chance you’ll be singled out for attention as an impromptu confederate of the players.

La soirée

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An evening with La Soirée offers a heady mix of cabaret, vaudeville, circus, nightclub, dance, acrobatics and highly original comedy. To kick off the show, a be-suited MD gallops on stage through dry ice and low lights to introduce the evening to an excited audience clutching drinks anxiously.

I’m not going to spoil the surprise and thrill of what follows because I urge anyone in search of an entertaining night out to book tickets immediately; however, I will say that I was on the edge of my seat watching performances which included daring Indian acrobats performing gravity-defying feats on a pole, astonishing trapeze artists who only use their limbs (no ropes or swings) to hurl each other around at great height, a graceful and mesmerizing hula hoop dancer, amazing puppeteers who create singing divas, comical, coy dancing from La Serviette – two naked men, two towels and much prancing. Oh, I could go on…

Photo Credit-Brinkhoff-Mogenburg

But I have to say that the act which had me rocking back and forth with uneasy laughter was the Las Vegas couple, Daredevil Chicken. I have never seen such comical fun had with a banana before – in a good way, but enough said. And the super talented Amy G is showbiz comedy to the core and presented a variety of characters and acts including surprising use of a kazoo. I couldn’t possibly describe it!

As I said, this show is tremendous fun, a sizzling pick and mix of gasp-inducing spectacle presented by stunningly talented performers from all over the world. Go see it for yourself and enjoy!

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La Soirée is on at the Aldwych Theatre from the 24 November 2017 – 3 February 2018. It is suitable for ages 17 years plus and performances are on from Monday – Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 6pm and 9pm.

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