Review: Real Magic

Forced Entertainment – Real Magic – Platform Theatre until 18th November


Review by Lucrezia Pollice

Real Magic is definitely a show that makes you think; or rather, forces you to think. A parody of humanity which just continues to surprise you with its slapstick jokes, sexual innuendos and ridiculous costumes.

An effective, chaotic disc is put on repeat – and never stops – has TV entertainment really got to this point?

Our TV presenters are not only on repeat, but are also in full chicken attire, chicken dance included! The show must go on, night after night – because “everyone gets a second chance!”. The suspense is excruciating, the stakes seem so high but yet what is there to lose?

Photo Credit Hugo Glendinnin

A parody of television game shows like no other, definitely bringing to light the stupidity of our society. Do people really watch this stuff – yep we do, we all have! There are lights on stage, in a semi-circle, beaming towards the three actors in their crazy roller-coaster show positioned in a line on a green carpet – representing some sort of fake greenery.

The presenter is babbling about nothing, for an extortionate amount of time, whilst the person on the chair suffers in pain and distress waiting to hear if they got the right answer. No show has ever felt so annoying. I wanted to get up and shout – do something. But no, the answer is incorrect and onwards we go to the next person, and the next and the next and the next – What is the word? The word? What is the word?

Are they trying to help them? If they know the answer why are they giving them hope – is this all set up? “We want to be transparent”, says the presenter. Is it really even possible to guess the right answer? “Don’t give up, everyone gets a second change, everyone gets a second life”. It seems like they may be comparing life to a game show, or maybe the constant repetition allows your mind to drift off and think of the weirdest links.

Photo Credit Hugo Glendinnin

“You are close, but not close enough”.

To make things worse, occasionally a countdown begins with flashing lighting, making it even more uncomfortable for the poor player who is sweating in distress. When I say worse, that implies they achieved their aim.

In summary

What seems like a life or death situation for the characters, gets slightly tedious for the audience who although understanding the cleverness of the whole performance might be slightly frustrated towards the end. You definitely need to be in the mood for this kind of performance.

Word? Are you thinking? Are you thinking? You need to think! What is the word? The word? What is the word? Again and again, around and around, the questions will be asked night after night, the same stupid questions, the same lies, the same parody of power, the stupidity of talk shows.