Review: Pluto – Barons Court Theatre until 23rd



Review by L R Merin

Moonchild Theatre Company’s ethos is “to create stimulating theatre that our audiences can discuss and evaluate.” Written by Callum O’Brien their new play, Pluto, was definitely one to be discussed. What drew me in was the brilliant premise: Pluto has been demoted to non-planet status, and is devastated. To add injury to insult, Charon is the only one who shows up to his birthday party—except for the stripper she’s hired. This three-hander was played by Liam Joseph as Pluto (co-Artistic Director of Moonchild Theatre Company); Charlotte Price as Charon and Professor Furtham; and Thomas Lovell as The Stripper and Archer. It’s hard to create an intimacy that still makes you feel the vastness of the cosmos, but the actors achieved just that.


Design Dave Bird

Pluto really did inspire thoughtful, interesting conversation. Among other themes, the play “explores the lonesome, frozen boundaries of personal, public and political identity.” I chuckled out loud several times and was highly impressed by some of the poignant, poetic lines. The ambiance of the lovely Barons Court Theatre complemented the moody lights of the set.

In summary

For the price, the charming atmosphere, and the fantastic ideas of the play, it’s worth a go. But you’ll have to hurry: Pluto only runs until the 23rd. Search for tickets NOW!