Review: Adam, Eve and Steve Kings Head Theatre until 29th April

Adam, Eve and Steve


Review By Sarah Tinsley

Adam, Eve and Steve – A light-hearted take on the creation story that fits nicely with the change of weather.


We’re in a familiar setting. At the dawn of time, God is tinkering about with his new toys and creating some humans. But there’s a twist. The cunning Beelzebub has decided to thwart his divine plans by tweaking some chromosomes. As a result, the first person to join Adam in the garden is Steve, not Eve.


Through amusing songs and witty dialogue, the arrival of Eve leads to a love triangle that is egged on by the dastardly devil. Adam (Joseph Robinson) is a little hapless but endearing, while Steve (Dale Adams) gets the most laughs in his camp persona. Hayley Hampson is a resolute and funny Eve, although, as ever, it’s the devil (Stephen McGlynn) that gets the best laughs. The dialogue is funny, with the music really giving it a lift and the set impressive, considering the small space.

Steve (Dale Adams) Eve (Hayley Hampson) Adam (Joseph Robinson)

Steve (Dale Adams) Eve (Hayley Hampson) Adam (Joseph Robinson)

At times, the voices don’t quite fill the theatre, but their tone is certainly strong. It would also have been good to have more range in the accompaniment than just a piano. For those who find a pantomime to be a bit of a chore, it’s probably best to leave this one alone, but if you go into it fully prepared for a farcical romp, you’ll be in the right frame of mind.

In Summary…….

Something to tickle your laughter buds just in time for the spring sunshine. You can book your tickets HERE

Listings Information


King’s Head Theatre, 115 Upper Street, London, N1 1QN


Tuesday 21st March – Saturday 29th April 2017


Tues – Fri @ 8.40pm: Sat @ 3pm & 8.40pm: Sun @ 5pm


£10 – £35 Box office number: 020 7226 8561