Review: Thriller Live Lyric Theatre

Thriller Live

★★★★★ “You just can’t beat it for a thrilling evening of entertainment!”

One of my regrets in life, was not seeing “The King Of Pop” Michael Jackson perform live, the creator of the iconic album Thriller. Like many people I was going to book tickets, but just never actually got around to it. “Well they’ll always be another time won’t there he’s only 50“, I remember saying to myself and then of course he’s gone, lost to this world all too soon.

I think for this reason I’m possibly one of the last people to see Thriller Live. I always felt it could never give the euphoria that his music gave me or so I thought?

How wrong could I be? A celebration of the man, his music and dance, Thriller Live really is a must for anyone who appreciates Jackson’s legacy and an incredibly fun evening.

With a selection of  your favourite songs including: I Want You Back, ABC, Can You Feel It, Off The Wall, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Bad, Rock With You, They Don’t Care About Us, Dangerous, Thriller plus many more. The iconic  songs delivered by an exceptionally talented cast and band, you can’t help, but to jump to your feet when invited to do so.

Now celebrating becoming the 15th longest running musical in the West End, this show oozes talent, precision execution of Jackson’s innovative dance moves, stunning visual effects, outstanding choreography and brilliant vocals throughout.

Our female lead vocalist on the night was Cleo Higgins of 1990’s pop sensation Cleopatra. Her voice bore an uncanny resemblance to Jackson’s in her numbers. Other lead vocalists, I believe (taken from the programme), caught my ears and eyes on the night were Dajiow, Stefan Sinclair, Hayden Eshun, Alex Ko and Reece Bahia.

Gary Lloyd continues to thrill and delight with his outstanding direction and choreography. Totally doing justice to Jackson’s ultimate creations. The sensational band led by John Maher has your toe tapping from the very first pulsating beat. This sensational production delivers on every level.

In summary you just can’t beat it for a thrilling evening of entertainment! The man may be gone, but his long-lasting legacy remains and can be seen at eight performances a week at The Lyric Theatre in Thriller Live.

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