R.D Casting Launch

On Sunday 15th of January, invited guests were in attendance at the classy chic Hospital Club to hear about R.D Production & Casting Limited from Founder and Managing Director Michael Moor.

As former head of Musical theatre at Guildford School of Acting, Michael gave us an insight into the reasons why he set this company up and his vision for it.

Michael himself started his training at the GSA before transferring to the Ballet Rambert School. So you could say his life has gone full circle and now it’s time to strike out and make a splash in the casting and production world.

Why did Michael make this bold change? In his introduction to the event at the über cool Hospital Club he gave invited guests some staggering facts. “There are more courses on performance than there are theatre’s in the U.K?” “Those courses are auditioned for, with a view as to whether the person is suitable for the course not necessarily their talent?” Some of the artistes that have now been signed by R.D Casting are testament to this statement. I noticed a couple of times that Michael said, he had auditioned them and hadn’t felt they were right for that particular course but knew that they had significant talent. Michael stayed in touch with them and followed their performance development.

Each artiste that has been signed has their own unique personality and skill base and I was delighted to enjoy a presentation of their showreels and receive information about them. Of course it’s not just about standing on a stage or in front of a camera there are many other talents such as song-writing. Playwrights and creatives are just as vital to performance art, as those that we can see. Quite often these are our unsung heroes and it’s lovely to see that all are nurtured and supported in R.D Production and Casting Ltd.

What follows are just a few highlights of eleven talented individuals, to give you just a flavour of this company, that really will make a difference in the casting agency world.

Claire de Belloy – Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor

Rosie Pearson – Theatre, Film and TV Actor, Dancer

Ellamae Cieslik – Actor-Singer, Professional Photographer, Artist

Ameer Choudrie – highly experienced Actor, Drama Workshop Leader and qualified teacher.

Kerry O’Dowd – Versatile Singer/Actress Dancer

This event was to launch the casting department of the company. However there is going to be a production branch as well. Michael says “we want versatile actors, directors and theatre makers …… create your own work”

Sherwood Alexander- Theatre and TV Actor

Evi Stamatiou – Director, creative and Experienced Actor

Grace Russell- Actor-Singer, Stage Management

Beatrice Ragea – Screen, Stage and Musical Theatre Actor, Singer and Writer

Russell Biles – Film, Stage TV Actor Radio Narrator


Also Signed are L to R Annika Zajac, Melker Wernberg, Pia Ternström and Drew Paterson

It is rare that one changes their agent during their career but the shocking reality is that these artistes have rarely had an engagement with theirs, this meant that when they met Michael, they chose to take a leap of faith. Michael’s nurturing persona and passion to bring the best out of people is always evident, and you instantly feel inspired and encouraged, just what everyone needs in this industry.

For now I’ve just listed a few of their talents, however shortly I hope to bring you a series of interviews with the new signings along with the man of the moment Michael Moor. So watch out for future articles including my thoughts on the performances from the launch party on the 29th January at Freedom Bar Soho.



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