The Fix – The Union Theatre until 6th August

I must confess to knowing very little about this musical prior to seeing it. However the snippets of music I’d heard intrigued me, the cast along with the opportunity to visit the new Union Theatre was something I was not going to pass up.

A perfect, no frills performance space for a political musical statement awaits us. The Fix is a story of a senator who dies “on the job” with a prostitute. His wife living the American Dream eager to be the next Jackie O’ can only think is there a way she can retain her power? Yes there is, in the form of her son Cal and she engages the assistance from Uncle Grahame to execute her master plan. What’s great about the plot is whilst being very simple really, it has enough complexities to keep you interested, with a few little clichés and curve balls along the way.


Photo Credit Darren Bell

There are without doubt some exceptional stand out performances here, but the whole ensemble play their roles with immense professionalism. They are slick, sassy and classy which brings me to the sharp choreography which compliments the music of Dana P Rowe and lyrics by John Dempsey. An eclectic mix of genres, in some unforgettable songs, all perfectly accompanied by the band. Returning to the choreography it is sultry, smouldering hot, clean, snappy, intoxicating and executed to perfection, by all. The direction and choreography by Michael Strassen is some of the best I’ve been privileged to see this year and absolutely delighted me


Photo Credit Darren Bell

The principal characters in the story are Cal Chandler (Fra Fee) Violet Chandler (Lucy Williamson) Grahame Chandler  (Ken Christiansen) Tina McCoy (Madalena Alberto) Reed Chandler (Peter Saul Blewden) Peter (Sam Barrett) Deborah Pullman (Kate Parr).  Fee’s sweet voice and commanding performance, as the controlled son, who had his life mapped out for him, showed great casting in my opinion. Like father like son is the usual saying and when Fee becomes involved with ex stripper Alberto it makes for some tender moments. Especially when she sings Alleluia. Parr as the “chosen” wife and played her role extremely well with poise, sophistication and calculating determination, all with equal balance. However it was undoubtedly the show stealing performances from Williamson and Christiansen which were of sheer brilliance and to be applauded. Especially Williamson as she witnessed the death of her son. Events created by Christiansen and herself, culminated in his ultimate and untimely demise. A powerful and heart wrenching performance, which I feel will stay with me for some time. One which only comes very few times in a performers life and I feel that this is one of those for WilliamsonChristiansen as the polio affected uncle gave a heartwarming performance, showing a vulnerability but steely  determination to succeed, overcoming any obstacle thrown his way. This was particularly demonstrated when his anxiousness made his stutter reoccur and none more so when his disability finally confined him to a wheelchair.


Photo Credit Darren Bell

This is a rare chance to see this musical, I for one am extremely glad that they chose this to be the opener, for what had become one of my personal favourite performance spaces. This new venue just across the road from the old one, is set to continue my love for this theatre.

Don’t miss your opportunity get a viewing of The Fix I guarantee you will enjoy, this rare brilliantly timed show with a short run. An interesting, punchy political musical where you are reminded to keep your eye on the prize and success is the only option.

This musical with some truly sensational performances is on until 6th August book your tickets here.

The Fix – The Union Theatre until 6th August

★★★★ “Interesting, Punchy Political Musical”

Keep your eyes on the prize book today!


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