Team CTP’s Top Reviewers choose their favourite Two of their reviewed Shows of 2016

For many reasons 2016 has undoubtedly had its highs and lows. However I wanted to find out what were CTP’s top reviewers two favourite theatrical productions that they had reviewed for me this year?

In surname alphabetical order here are their choices, click on the pictures to read their full reviews:

Liz Dyer

Photo Credit Ben Borely

1) Labels at Theatre Royal Stratford East obviously left a lasting impression on Liz. A short run which finished 30th April was awarded 5 stars.


2) The Libertine was Liz’s second choice for her top two reviews for CTP which ran at the Theatre Royal Haymarket and was found to be hugely entertaining and awarded 4 stars

Rosalind Freeborn


1) The Dresser which is still running at the Duke of Yorks theatre until 14th January read Ros’ 5 star thoughts here

Photo Credit Marc Brenner

2) Murder Ballad receives Ros’ second favourite spot describing it as “sassy, sophisticated and brilliantly performed and awarded it 4 stars.

Laura Thomas

Photo Credit Ludovic Des Cognets

1) Sister was an outright winner for Laura. A last-minute review opportunity was grasped and left a lasting impression. Sister was awarded 5 stars being described as a true joy.

Photo credit Bill Knight

2) Pinocchio can still be seen at The Kings Head theatre until 7th January and was awarded 5 stars read Laura’s thoughts here

Sarah Tinsley 

Sarah has been CTP’s most prolific reviewer this year and so had the most difficult job choosing her top two. So in her own words this is her reasoning behind that choice.


1) Cancel the Sunshine (The Hope Theatre) – This haunting tale stayed with me well after I left the theatre. Touching, funny, terrifying. This one had it all.

Photo Credit Luke W. Robson

2) Odd Shaped Balls (The Old Red Lion) – This addressed such an important issue, yet did it in such a funny, accessible way. Fantastic performance and brilliant script.

All of the above were London centric but there are of course theatres outside of London and our regional reviewer Sarah Miatt has chosen her top two:

Sarah Miatt

Photo by Simon Turtle

1) Stepping Out which was on tour and will be going into the West End in early 2017.

Photo Credit Marc Brenner

2) The Wind In The Willows currently on tour and will be arriving in the West End in 2017.

CTP Founder – Caroline

Thanks team CTP for all your contributions this year and I can’t wait to get cracking on a bumper crop of reviews next year.

Those of you interested in my thoughts on the productions I’ve seen this year, can now read my thoughts by clicking on the below picture.

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