Exclusive Interview




It’s been a little while since we’ve had an update from Tess The Musical writers Michael Blore and Michael Davies. So here is an EXCLUSIVE update for you ahead of everyone else!

With all the vocals now recorded, how does it feel?

MB: Emotional. I always get emotional when I take time to stop and reflect. Especially on such an amazing few months for the TESS project.

MD: Rather unbelievable. When I think back to those early discussions around Michael’s kitchen table, covered in Post-It notes (the table, not us) to work out the narrative we wanted to tell, then compare it to the ever-growing project we’re now involved in, it hardly seems possible. And yet here we are, with all these fantastic vocals in the can, and ready to launch into the next phase. Pinch me, please. Ouch! That was meant to be metaphorical…

What has been the most memorable moment?

MB: That’s so difficult to answer because there have been standout moments with everyone. My overriding memory though will be of the laughter and fun.

MD: Too many to recount. It has all been memorable.

What has been the most unexpected moment?

MB: Piggy snort. We asked Nikki Cross (dairymaid Izzy) to record a flirty though comic giggle for the moment she meets the handsome Angel Clare. The piggy snort she gave us was certainly unexpected and made me laugh so much.

MD: Landing our trio of leads, quite out of the blue. Our audition pianist Barney Ashworth led us to Simon, who came in to meet us unexpectedly, which led us to Tam, which led us to Siobhan. The perfect domino chain.

How do you try to get the best out of the performers?

MB: Be patient, kind and determined. Oh, and be prepared.

MD: I’ve been consistently impressed at how they’ve all delivered their best unprompted. No input required from us.

A word about your studio technicians, Conor Manning and Rich Watson.

MB: What were their names again? Kidding! I thought I was a fussy britches, but these guys have an attention to detail that makes me seem positively slapdash. I am in awe at what they can achieve.

MD: You know how you hear and read platitudes about how projects ‘couldn’t have happened without them’? Well, it’s true. Endlessly patient, relentlessly reliable and always a joy to work with. Thank you, guys. Sorry, that’s more than one word.

What next?

MB: Bring on the instrumentalists. We hope to have them all booked and recorded in November. Can’t wait!

MD: Instrumentalists? Really? But aren’t they notoriously difficult to work with? Oh no, sorry, that’s composers, isn’t it? As you were. Can’t wait!

Thanks for the scoop guys and I’m looking forward to hearing the finished album.

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