Press Release: Basketcases A new comedy for 6-11 year olds


A new comedy for 6-11 year olds

Written by Victoria Stedeford and Drummond Bowskill

Directed by James Kermack

The socks that disappear from the washing machine? The remote that vanished down the side of the sofa? Mr and Mrs Basketcase have them, and all of the other things you’ve ever lost. Their job is to figure out what these things are for and to look after them but for Mr and Mrs Basketcase, that’s a tall order. You see, they aren’t very bright and the evil villain Rucksack keeps trying to steal from them.

This text-based story for children aged 6-11 uses plenty of slapstick and farce in an entertaining, silly story inspired by the writing of Roald Dahl, The Chuckle Brothers and the polite bits from The Mighty Boosh. There’s also plenty of music and interaction – kids can help the Basketcases sort through their findings and fend off the villainous Rucksack.

Written by established actor/comedians Victoria Stedeford and Drummond Bowskill, Basketcases uses language to stretch, challenge and entertain older primary school students this half term.

The Colour House Theatre

25-28 October

Performances at 12:00 and 2:30 pm

£7/£5 concessions

Online booking:

Twitter: @TBasketcases

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