Blanc De Blanc – Hippodrome Casino Theatre until 28th August

As we enter, the cabaret style theatre, there is a sign which catches my eye. “This show contains nudity”, well I have to say that may put people off, but my goodness me if it does, then they are missing a rare scintillating treat.

The name of the show Blanc De Blanc comes from a French term that means “white from whites”, and is used to designate Champagnes made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes or in rare occasions from Pinot blanc.  As we take to our seat Parisienne styled music is playing, a speak-easy ambience of 1920’s Paris has been created. What follows is nothing short of a magical circus performance with various acts including aerialists, breakdance fused with contortion, gymnastics, acrobatics and clowns. All these performances within a theatrical experience, including exquisite lighting and a soundtrack which perfectly accompanies the acts.

Photo Credit Darren Bell

Photo Credit Darren Bell

The story surrounds champagne and several tricks include bottles and corks. The posters you see around the venue and London, mention that it is devised by the team behind Madonna’s recent Rebel Heart tour. This is one of the reasons why I was so keen to see this show, having previously seen that exact tour at the O2. The creators Scott Maidment (Director) Kevin Maher (Choreographer and Co-Creative Director) along with Philip Gladwell (Lighting and Set Design) James Browne (Costume Design) Steve Toulmin (Musical Director). This show is truly something completely different, as “showtime” as Las Vegas, as seedy as Cabaret’s Kit Kat Club. The fact that they’ve chosen London and particularly the Hippodrome Casino as a venue is once again inspired.

Photo Credit Darren Bell

Photo Credit Darren Bell

The first “trick” involves a hotel luggage trolley and Masha Terentieva. Watching Terentieva was  spellbinding as she used the cart to full effect. Other highlights were Shun Sugimoto with his contortion piece, Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski as aerialists, Spencer Novich’s clown and the fun antics of Laura New especially her balloon popping dress. However the whole cast are brilliant, each adding something special to the act, with their technical skills always in the forefront of the performance.

Photo Credit Darren Bell

Photo Credit Darren Bell

Of course you always need an Maitre D’ keeping the proceedings together and we had the excellent, debonair Monsieur Romeo. This show is a tantalising erotic burlesque, circus which defies explanation. It felt like we’d stumbled across the Rocky Horror after show party with nakedness, debauchery, sizzling hot choreography and sublime showmanship.

For some shows seeing is believing and this definitely falls into this category. Going back to my opening paragraph don’t be put off come join this insanely decadent, charismatic, jaw-dropping party before it closes. You’ll certainly look on luggage trolleys, champagne bottles, balloons and water pools in a whole different light.

Head over to London’s Hippodrome Casino, grab a champagne flute, pop a cork and have yourself some seriously good Blanc De Blanc NOW!


Blanc De Blanc – Hippodrome Casino Theatre until 28th August


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