Impossible – Noel Coward Theatre until 27th August

This review is not going to have any spoilers in it so it will be brief and I certainly wouldn’t even presume to explain any of the tricks simply for the fact that I can’t! However what I can say, is this is a modern take on a traditional magic show on a very grandiose scale. The scene is set as you take to your seat and find an envelope with “Top Secret – Do Not Open” written upon it. In front of you and around the auditorium are screens so that you don’t miss any of the action on stage – but trust me even with these, you’ll still be baffled by what happens in the next two and a half hours.

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

What follows are performances from acts that are specialists in their field:

Hip Hop Magician – Magical Bones – My favourite trick includes a Crunchie and £20 note

Daredevil and Escapologist – Jonathan Goodwin – My favourite trick included fire and escapology

Cutting – Edge Conjuror Sabine Van Diemen – My favourite trick was a modern take on Cutting a person in half.

Britain’s Got Talent Winner – Lance Corporal Richard Jones – An incredible Origami and card trick really had me baffled.

Grand Illusionist – Josephine Lee – My favourite trick was the Wheel of illusion

Boundary Breaking Magician –Ben Hart – A trick with electricity which really left the audience and a participant utterly shocked

Mind-Blowing Mind-Reader – Chris Cox – My favourite trick was “Controlling Chris’ mind”

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

With use of fire, lights, cameras and music, you get a visually stunningly, spectacular show, which for the majority of it, has you wondering just how they do it? It was also an honour to see Lance Corporal Richard Jones this years winner of Britain’s Got Talent. His ease with dealing with the audience and his unexplainable card trick was a delight. We are so fortunate that the army have given him six months leave of absence to appear in this show. However I can’t help but think he was born to do just this, both charismatic and talented, he is definitely at home with the other six specialists in this show.

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

Particular highlights for me were Ben Hart, Jonathan Goodwin, Chris Cox, Magical Bones and BGT winner Lance Corporal Richard Jones. There is a lot of audience participation and whilst this can often slow a performance up, this show is very fast paced. The “audience card trick” which we all took part in, had me still questioning how it was even possible a day later.

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

Photo Credit Helen Maybanks

So in summary if you want to be amazed, dazzled and baffled all at once then this is definitely the stage show for you. It is a great evening of entertainment, showcasing seven brilliant top Magicians who can really demonstrate the Impossible!

Impossible – Noel Coward Theatre

★★★★ “Prepare to be Amazed, Dazzled and Baffled” “Seven Magicians who make The Impossible – Possible!”

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One response to “Impossible – Noel Coward Theatre until 27th August

  1. I caught this on Tour earlier in the year and I really was left wondering how exactly they managed the tricks! Was a fantastic theatre experience!


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