Family Tree – RADA Festival

Family Tree – RADA Festival

The RADA festival is ten days of eclectic fun and mayhem with various genres and types of productions. A mixture of seasoned professionals, beginners at the start of their performance journey and some still learning their craft at RADA.

Roses Urquhart, herself RADA alumni, formed the collaborative known as the Night Kitchen Cabaret, has written, performs and directs this show. Tailored to be a short play, at just over an hour long, it showcases the six individuals different specialisms.



This fun, slightly bonkers evening, with its quizzical, if tenuous tale of discovering your family tree is decidedly interesting. The performers, Roses Urquhart, Clare Barrett, Jo Bowis, Sophie Page Hall and Mat Ricardo, each have their individual turns, which range from juggling, puppetry, hula hooping plus other circus and cabaret type performances.



This show ripe for Edinburgh fringe epitomises the desire to encourage and support performers honing their craft. For this reason on this particular occasion I will not be awarding a star rating, as it would be unfair to do so when cast members, yet to graduate are within.

There were times where the pace was lacking and it felt it wasn’t quite going according to plan, this may therefore account for the overrun in timing. However the wonderful costumes, energy, enthusiasm, wit and frivolity was infectious and gave for a very spirited and entertaining show. Which undoubtedly had much merriment and mirth.

The festival runs until July 2nd and with some tickets costing between just £6 and £12 for shows, I’d encourage you to check out the RADA website here.

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