Exclusive Direct Commentary from Tess The Musical Creators as Siobhan Dillon Records first Album Tracks

Exclusive Direct Commentary from Tess The Musical Creators as Siobhan Dillon Records first Album Tracks

In the bizarre way that these things happen, we’re sitting in a cramped room surrounded by instruments, equipment and sheet music, listening to the most sublime sound through our headphones.

Siobhan Dillon, our supremely talented leading lady, is in our recording engineer’s home studio laying down the first act of Tess.

It’s day one of principal recording. We’re only a brief three years into the project – and hasn’t it flown by? – and there’s no going back now. But then why would we want to?



We’ve got one of this country’s top musical theatre stars, fresh from her turn alongside Glenn Close in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sunset Boulevard at the Coliseum, singing our little show. It doesn’t get much better than this, surely?

It must be said that Michael Blore’s score is not an easy sing. Fabulous, sumptuous, epic – yes, all of those things. Easy? Not so much.

But that’s why the top professionals are the top professionals. Siobhan is so dedicated that it makes nailing the vocals a joy, and the work ethic is enviable. Oh, and by the way, she’s lovely.

With Michael steering proceedings, our producer Sunim Koria overseeing the technical side of things and engineer Conor Manning twiddling the knobs, progress is faster than scheduled and the result a delight to listen to.


Everyone’s even coping with some extraneous, largely unhelpful interventions from the lyricist in the corner.

I don’t want to tempt fate, and there’s a long journey ahead from this first step to our finished album. But for a first day in the studio on a brand new project with a production team that are still finding their feet, it’s not only been a relaxed, highly enjoyable affair, it’s also set us up brilliantly for the sessions to come………….!

Exciting times for the two Michaels’ and the team. Watch out for more news as time goes on of this new musical and why not follow them on Twitter @MusicalTess or check out the website http://www.tessthemusical.com


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