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Right Now


Guest Review by Liz Dyer

You know you’ve seen something good at the theatre when you’re still thinking about it 24 hours later. Catherine-Anne Toupin’s darkly comic drama Right Now is as unsettling as it is often hilarious, with a plot that twists and turns until we (quite literally) have no idea where we are, and a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression and sends its audience away with just as many questions as answers.

Attractive young couple Alice and Ben have just moved into their beautiful new apartment, but it’s clear from the start that something’s not quite right. Their conversations are stilted; their sex life all but dead. Ben works long hours as a doctor, leaving Alice alone at home, where she’s haunted daily by the cries of a baby – or is she…? Then Juliette and Gilles, the couple from the apartment opposite, arrive home from travelling with their very odd grown-up son, François, and seem a little too fascinated by their new neighbours. As the three begin to make themselves at home in Ben and Alice’s apartment – and lives – the consequences are as dramatic as they are unexpected.

Photo Credit Helen Murray

Right Now is a story that’s constantly moving the goalposts, so we never know what might happen next, or even what kind of play we’re watching: is it a laugh out loud comedy about socially inept neighbours? A tale of sexual obsession? Or a psychological drama that’s not actually about the neighbours at all? With the ground constantly shifting under our feet, the answer to this question can change from one minute to the next, and it’s this brilliant unpredictability that keeps us gripped to the very end. Under Michael Boyd’s direction, the tension between the characters builds and builds, until finally it explodes, in a scene that’s climactic in all kinds of ways. This moment marks a turning point; from here, like the neighbours’ identical apartments, the story becomes a mirror image of itself, leaving us only to wonder which picture is real, and which is the reflection.

Photo Credit Helen Murray

Photo Credit Helen Murray

Writing this good calls for a fantastic cast, and here again Right Now more than delivers, with five flawless, engaging yet very different performances. Maureen Beattie‘s Juliette is hilariously over the top, in striking contrast to her sophisticated and rather too charming husband, played by Guy Williams. Their awkward son François is brilliantly portrayed by Dyfan Dwyfor – his child-like demands for his mother’s attention couldn’t be more different to the quiet affability of Sean Biggerstaff‘s Ben. And at the centre of it all is Alice, played with tortured fragility in an exquisite, emotionally charged performance from Lindsey Campbell.

Don’t be fooled by Madeleine Girling‘s stylish living room set; Right Now digs beneath this veneer of respectability to reveal the raw emotions underneath, and with them come dark secrets and forbidden desires. At its heart, this is Alice’s story: that of a woman so lost within her own turmoil that she no longer knows what’s real and what’s only happening in her mind. It’s not a story that’s easily forgotten – and nor would we want it to be, because even though it’s disturbing, and despite a few toe-curlingly uncomfortable moments, Right Now is also very funny, and a gripping thriller at the same time. And it might make you look twice at your neighbours…

Right Now


Guest Review by Liz Dyer


23 March – 16 April 2016


by Catherine-Anne Toupin

translated by Chris Campbell

Director Michael Boyd

Designer Madeleine Girling

Press night 29 March 2016

Mon to Sat at 7.30pm (excluding 25-26 March)

2.30pm Saturday matinees (from 2 April)

Audio described performance 9 April 2.30pm

Captioned performance 15 April 7.30pm

Ticket prices:

Evenings: £20

£12.50 concessions (registered unemployed and disabled)

£15.50 for Senior Citizens

£12.50 for students/under 26s

10% off for Bush Local members

Previews: £15.50

£10.50 concessions (registered unemployed and disabled)

£12.50 for Senior Citizens

£10.50 for students/under 26s

£12.50 for Bush Local members

Matinees: £15

£10.00 concessions (registered unemployed and disabled)

£10.00 for students/under 26s

£10.00 for Senior Citizens

10% off for Bush Local members

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