Cirque de Glace – Touring

Cirque de Glace   – Touring – At The Mayflower Southampton until 10th January


Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Cirque de Glace was my first theatre trip of 2016 and what a way to start the year! When I was a child my grandmother around this time of year took me to see “Dancing on Ice type show” which invariably was on every year at The Brighton Centre. So the thought of a circus show on ice brought back memories of these annual childhood trips.


However I was not prepared for the stunning visual spectacle that came before my eyes! I’m afraid to say I know nothing of the technical side of skating or acrobatic circus performances but what I do know is that this an evening of sensory vision enjoyment. Cirque de Glace’s Evolution depicts the story of the creation of our planet. Evolution promised a thrilling, breathtaking experience combining music, lights, incredible costumes and jaw-dropping acrobatics and it delivered on every level. The music perfectly compliments each number, with clever lighting, and use of dry ice takes you on an atmospheric journey through time.


I particularly enjoyed From The Oceans Come Life, Urban Sprawl, Toxic, which I have to say if “The Prodigy” did ice skating this would be it, and the finale Festival of Life. In the show was some really incredible moments which were extremely dangerous but effortlessly executed by this immensely skilled collection of performers who are collectively called The Russian Ice Stars.

Unusually for me I have been left speechless by this show and so felt that the best thing to do which will give you a better feel of what lays in store for you is to give you a video clip from YouTube. So feast your eyes on this  Link and book your tickets to see Cirque de Glace.

Cirque de Glace – Touring – At The Mayflower Southampton until 10th January


Caroline Hanks-Farmer

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