2015 – What a Year for Theatre!


My Top Picks of 2015


Caroline Hanks-Farmer

I’m sat here having over indulged, as usual, in food and drink during Christmas and asking myself can you ever have too much of a good thing?

What good thing is that – Why theatre of course! This year I’ve started my own site and seen more theatre than I could ever dream of and been privileged to have experienced some amazing opportunities. I felt I’d try to narrow it down to just a few shows plus some experiences that best encapsulates my theatre going and blogging year.



My number 1) The Who’s Tommy

This was at a small theatre and I must admit I had been looking forward to seeing this ever since it was announced and goodness me it lived up to every ounce of my anticipation! For me it didn’t have a long enough run and I like many others would love to see it make a return. Who knows let’s see what 2016 brings, I can but hope! Read My Review here


Just a small selection of other Musicals I’ve enjoyed this year, in no particular order.

Blood Brothers (Touring) 

Having not seen this show for many years it confirmed to me why it is still touring so many years on.

Jersey Boys

A firm favourite of mine and one I’ve written several articles on and one that I’ll write many more on so just type Jersey Boys in the search facility and take your pick!

Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

I saw and reviewed this show twice this year. Some of the cast have now changed but I’m sure the brilliance hasn’t!

See What I Wanna See

My first visit to the tiny Jermyn Street Theatre and I have to say I wa completely mesmerised from start to finish.

The Commitments

A revisit for this show before it closed and all I can say is my goodness I can’t wait for the tour to begin!


Quite simply this show feels like the one that got away? It should not have closed so early and we can only hope for a tour soon.

(Kinky Boots – I’ve Only just seen but I’m feeling the love already. Need to see again and maybe again to write that review though ….. So look out for it on the 2016 list!) 


It is no surprise to anyone who regularly reads my posts, to hear me say I am a musical girl at heart. However for me this year it’s been all about the plays. My passion is new writing and what an absolute joy it’s been to see some really remarkable pieces. Tackling topical and hard-hitting subject matter  which has challenged my thoughts and views.



My number 1) AsIs

If you read the synopsis before you saw this play you would appreciate that this would always be a thought-provoking piece and I have to say the acting, writing, direction and staging was simply brilliance personified! An outstanding and brave play Read my review here



A few more plays I’ve enjoyed immensely this year in no particular order.

Curious Incident of The dog In Nighttime (Touring)

Four Minutes and Twelve Seconds

The Wasp

McQueen – The Play

Rebecca The Play

State of Fear a responsibility to ………? (A showcase of 7 new plays – more dates next year)

The Nether


Just a few other mentions of some productions and experiences that have also made my year.


My Theatre Event

Oresteia – Three hours and forty minutes of a sheer heavenly, blood curdling theatrical masterpiece. Read the full review here 




Let It Be – Suite launch at The Waldorf Read the article here 



James Keegan – A joy to interview with a really insightful, humbling and inspirational outlook on life. From someone who is as talented as James it was a delight. Read my interview with James Keegan here

rsz_1copy_of_james_keegan_as_lord_of_the_dance_credit_marotiri_by_brian_doherty_2 600 x 425



To Do. To Be. – Tim Prottey-Jones Read my thoughts here




Lord Of The Dance – Dangerous Games Playhouse Theatre


In writing this article it has reinforced to me how lucky we are to have such a great movement in theatre not only in London but all over the country. Wowing audiences constantly throughout the year.

So if there is one New Years resolution to be made and kept this year – it’s to embrace live performance, seek out the bargains, the tiny theatres all around us and I guarantee by the end of next year you’ll be thinking how fortunate we are to have such talented writers, creatives, and performers amongst us.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy 2016!



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