CHARACTER SOLOS at Lunchtime Directed by James Kemp

This looks like a delightful way to spend a lunchtime if you are in the St James Theatre Studio area this coming Thursday and Friday. From the synopsis it reminds me of the delightful City Stories and is a series of short stories “Scenarios” written and performed by the actors involved. I’ve also heard that this will be a bi-monthly occurrence so watch out for future dates.


Directed by James Kemp
12th and 13th November, 2015 at 1PM
St. James Studio

“Several magical pieces, invented, written, and performed by each actor and directed by James Kemp (whose students include: Stephen Wight (McQueen), Emilia Clarke, Tom Hardy, and Michael Fassbender).

Originally Character Solos, or ‘Scenarios’ as they are sometimes called, were created after training with Master Teacher Yat Malmgren at Drama Centre London. Room One now presents a lunchtime with a colourful cast of wonderfully varied, old and new characters, directed by James Kemp, sole inheritor of Malmgren’s work. These lunchtime pieces will bring back ‘Scenarios’ that actors now working in the industry created during their training, and introduce new pieces created by current students of Yat’s work at Room One.

In each elaborately written solo scene, a character is portrayed in a situation where he or she is communicating with imagined scene partners and settings. The magic of these pieces is that the actor creates everything for the audience, their scene partner(s), the atmosphere, the room… and all just with their expressive psychophysical instrument.”

Take a look at this link which has more information about it


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