Looking for Lansbury – St James Theatre Studio Touring

Looking for Lansbury – St James Theatre Studio Touring


Caroline Hanks-Farmer

Everyone in the drama world respects the legend that is Dame Angela Lansbury who turned 90 on Friday 16th October. So what better way to celebrate the great lady but to go and watch a specially written evening about her devised by Fiona-Jane Weston and Patrick Lambe.

Fiona-Jane Weston accompanied by William Godfree set about telling us of this acting icon’s life.

rsz_looking_for_lansbury_fiona-jane_westoncourtesy_dan_tsantalis_[5] 600 x 425Photo Credit Dan Tsantalis

Firstly here is some information about the performer Fiona-Jane Weston born into an academic family, Weston embarked on a degree in Chinese History and culture before going to live behind the Bamboo Curtain. However the lure of the theatre was never far, which is why we are fortunate to have her in our presence today.

Being interested in history it is understandable that she should write and perform shows such as this. It truly was a fascinating couple of hours as Weston with the aid of a suitcase of memorabilia gave us a tip of the iceberg glance at a fascinating life.

rsz_looking_for_lansbury_fiona-jane_westoncourtesy_dan_tsantalis_[4] 600 x 425Photo Credit Dan Tsantalis

 William Godfree formally a student of the Guildhall of Music and Drama where he learned piano and composition from which Weston benefited from in his writing of her comic songs for each of her solo shows.

What followed was a chronological romp through Lansbury‘s life starting with her MP grandfather and early influence. It could be said that such a strong, hard-working and opinionated grandparent shaped the person that Lansbury turned into and set her ethos for her adult working life. Now I have to say that I thought I knew quite a bit about this iconic Dame but I was wrong and thanks to Weston I left feeling I know a lot more than when I went in there. From her, long career, deep love and respect for her actress mother, to her short doomed first marriage and her trials as a parent trying to do the best she could for her sometimes troubled children. Weston was captivating and brought the story to life slipping in and out of accents, choreography and costumes effortlessly.

The relaxed atmosphere of the studio suited this cabaret type piece perfectly. This show now continues on tour and I would say, if you’d like to know more about Dame Angela Lansbury or if you just want an extremely interesting and informative night of entertainment catch it when it’s in a town near you.

Looking for Lansbury – St James Theatre Studio Touring


Caroline Hanks-Farmer

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