Tim Prottey-Jones Album Review To Do. To Be.


By Caroline Hanks-Farmer @CTheatrePassion

I first came across Tim when I saw “Once” at the Phoenix Theatre. Tim was playing music shop owner Billy and with such a talented cast when I saw that he was releasing album I quickly made contact to see if I could listen and review for my site, feeling intrigued as to what kind of songs would be on there with such a varied background in music. He is a versatile multi-faceted musician who has an immense wealth of experience in both performance and production of high quality music. Now starring in Kinky Boots, just what does his latest offering give us?


Album Artwork Angela Prottey-Jones

This is classed as an “Easy Listening” genre on iTunes which for me conjures up images of rocking chairs and cardigans, this album is so much more than that. It’s exciting and fresh using the talents of many vocal artists including Amy Lennox, Paul Ayres, Laura Pitt-Pulford and The Paper Hearts.

All of the songs are either co-written or written by Tim Prottey-Jones, he also plays guitars, percussion and sings backing vocals there is indeed no end to his talent. My particular favourites on the album are as follows:

“The Song of Sin” featuring Paul Ayres which has a country, folk feeling to it and made me very much think of “Once”

“Regret Me” Ambra Caserotti it’s haunting simplicity is sheer joy to listen to.

” I tried to save you” featuring Tyrone Huntley with its mellow guitar and evokes thoughts of a lost love and a coldness in the wilderness a very atmospheric sound.

“Nothing” Laura Pitt-Pulford has such depth and would stand up in any new musical which I found extremely exciting.

I champion new writing and having listened to this album more than half a dozen times can only say to Tim thank you so much for writing such a powerful new album and can I just ask? When you will be writing your own musical as I feel you’ve such a talent this needs to be nurtured and seen by the masses! I’d be queuing up to buy a ticket that’s for sure.

Available via here Tim Prottey-Jones Music which has links to iTunes, Amazon, Dress Circle and Big Cartel to get your own album and if you visit the Theatre cafe  you can also pick yourself up a copy of the album whilst stocks last!

To Do. To BE. ★★★★★ 

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