News: @caughtplay a New play written by @LeahLawryJohns to open in September at The Pleasance Theatre




All-female crime drama comes to London’s Pleasance Theatre.

Caught is a crime drama where three actresses play six contrasting characters. This is a new play about six young women’s journey through criminal justice, challenging expectations about crime, betrayal and deceit.

Women in the Arts

Leah Lawry-Johns wrote Caught after feeling that there were not enough strong roles for women in theatre. Whilst there are a number of great contemporary dramas, few feature women prominently or pass the Bechdel test.

Bechdel Test

The Bechdel test is a simple way to measure the presence of female characters in films and theatre against three requirements:

1. The play has to have at least two women in it,

2. who talk to each other,

3. about something besides a man

There are remarkably few plays, films and television programmes which satisfy these basic criteria. Caught places women at the heart of the story.


There are two sides to every story.

Three actresses play six defiant characters in a story that challenges expectations of crime, punishment and justice. The play is set in Canterbury, where, sparked by the mysterious murder of a young woman, Detective Inspector Acton faces off against five adversaries, the suspects. As she attempts to uncover their darkest secrets, her own start to come into view.

“A murder can be tricky. An accidental murder will leave traces. This case however was clever, planned. Modern forensics can trace anyone from the smallest molecule of hair or flake of skin. But for this case, we have nothing. Whoever did this, whoever killed Emily, knew exactly what they were doing.”


This is the second project which Lawry-Johns has funded through crowdfunding. Using the Kickstarter platform, we have built a community of supporters who have invested in the show, and will receive rewards like tickets, signed programmes and props from the show.

Dates and Times

Pleasance Theatre Islington

2nd – 5th September 8pm

Sat: 2pm and 8pm

Book Tickets

020 7609 1800

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Detective Acton/Alison Humphrys: Serena Chloe Gardner

Sinead Riley/Rachel Young: Leah Lawry-Johns

Helen Roberts/Chloe Collins: Ella Duncan

Creative Team

Written by Leah Lawry-Johns

Directed by Eduard Lewis

Produced by Joe Shellard

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