News: Indelible Images is a showcase of New Writing from Three Emerging Writers @CamdenFringe


Indelible Images is a showcase of new writing from three emerging writers and theatre-makers which is coming to the Canal Cafe Theatre as part of Camden Fringe on 16th August 2015 at 6.30 p.m. for one night only.

Each show has been selected for its curiosity about memory and the part it plays in our lives and evolving identities.

Themes of loss, shame, trauma, memory. Do we remember or do we imagine? How do we distort our memory for the good, the bad and the in between?

The first piece, Sharp Edges is written and performed by Amelia Sweetland. This inaugural work in progress, which will be premiering at Camden Fringe this year is a monologue exploring themes of shame and memory . Sophie, who has diligently run from her past is confronted with happy memories that she can reclaim once more.

A Talent For Lying – written by Liam McCarthy (Octopus Soup Theatre).

Actors: Liam McCarthy and Sinead O’Conor.  

The second piece, A Talent For Lying was first performed at Dublin’s Chancery Lane in March 2014, directed by Sarah Bradley (Octopus Soup Theatre).

 “A delight from start to finish, as warm and sweet for the soul as the great mugs of tea Lucy and Aidan cradle as their life together unravels across a gingham table cloth.” – Gillian  

Happiness is A Cup of Tea – written and performed by Annie Mckenzie.

The final piece; a monologue first performed at The Hen and Chickens in 2014, is an exploration of bereavement, grief and the distortion of memory. Fiona has a lot of memories she’s not sure are memories anymore and might actually just be dreams.

McKenzie approaches guilt and grief with a lovable reality, incorporating humour, discomfort, and a full range of emotions into Fiona’s fragile state.” – Everything Theatre.

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