An Exclusive link to a remixed @_Paradise_Lost_   @RicardoAfonsoPT song – listen here!!!

I promised you news on Paradise Lost well here’s your first treat!

I’ve been given the opportunity to post a new link of a remixed song from the original vocals sung by Ricardo Alfonso!

Having listened to it, I was yet again bowled over by its intensity and epic sound. This show needs to go into production soon, it deserves to be heard and seen.

If you’ve not got the album yet (why not?) however you can still obtain it via Simon Greiff Productions or it’s now available via ITunes (here’s the link)  Paradise Lost Cast Recording

This is a short blog as I just wanted to get it out there as soon as possible so you get to hear it first.

I’ve been informed it will be available on Soundcloud soon but you get to hear it now!

Click on the link below to listen and Enjoy!

Here I Am (Paradise Lost)

Keep checking back via @CTheatrePassion for more news, reviews and interviews coming soon!

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